Frequenly Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

We usually quote that it may take between 30 and 45 days to complete a small 8 to 10 page website. Keep in mind that we have many ongoing projects and services being provided on an ongoing basis. Times may vary, but we are happy to discuss project timescales with you. Just reach out to us 🙂

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS). It offers a lot of flexibility due to the vast number of themes and plugins available, which add design elements and functionality to your site. With ready made templates and the ability to add features to your site quickly with plugins, WordPress is the most affordable option that saves 100's of hours of development time over sites which are hand crafted with 100% custom codes. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We primarily take credit and debit cards, however we also have the ability to accept Paypal and other forms of less common payments (such as checks, money orders, and cash if you live close to our main office).