Hire Us By The Hour For Small Tweaks

If you just need some simple tweaks done to make your site look better, or need some technical assistance to help troubleshoot some common WordPress issues or issues with your web host, this is a perfect opportunity for you to work with us by pre-buying a specific number of hours

You can buy as little as one hour up to 10 hours at a time (or more). The more you buy up front the more you save. 

All hours purchased must be used within 6 months

Hourly Tech Services

If you need someone to help out on occasion but don't need a lot of work done, hiring us for some small tasks and tweaks may offer the flexibility you need to have someone on standby.

Ideas on what you can use this for:

* Rate may be discounted if you pre-buy more than 10 hours at a time. The more you buy the more you save

Note: Hours must be purchased up front in most cases